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Like many people, I may have squeed a little (a lot) when I found out last year that there was going to be a new series of the X-Files. Because I loved me some Mulder and Scully back in the day. True, the last couple of seasons got a bit odd but I still loved it. Aliens, kooky monsters, just enough creepy stuff and a slow burn romance (Chris Carter can say what he likes about Mulder and Scully but they love each other. So there.) Late last year I started rewatching in anticipation of the new series. I’ve only made it half-way through season four but that’s enough to remind me why I liked it so much. And remind me of some lessons of the X-files. Like:

70 GB was a LOT of data back then.
The costume department dressed Scully really badly for the first three series.
“No. I was just never sure your little feet would reach the pedals”. Snarky Mulder is best.
Always make sure your blind date isn’t some freaky slime emitting creature before going parking.
If your romanian mother recommends a ritual for your son whose twin died so he doesn’t become possessed, do it.
If you are a scientist in the rainforest and you come across a dead animal with weird pustules that are moving, do not lean over the carcass so the pustules can explode in your face (though really that one is just common sense lol).
Being Mulder’s secret source is a fatal occupation.
Don’t eat the chicken.
When Mulder says “It’ll be a nice trip to the woods”, don’t believe him.


And as for the new series, well, I’m enjoying that too. Though, like the Veronica Mars movie, it’s not the fact that the actors look older that is the slightly odd thing, it’s that they sound slightly different. Apparently I’m sensitive to voices. I thought the first two episodes, they were struggling to find the tone again (but I’ll have to rewatch and see what I think) but then episode three was hilarious (I always like it when they go a bit kooky) and this week’s episode was tugging on the heartstrings. I’m looking forward to the last two episodes (I think they did six?) and will keep the fingers crossed that it does well enough that we can get another short season or two in the future.

In the meantime, I still have five seasons of lessons to learn (or re-learn) 😀


Anyone else been watching?




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