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Somewhere in the vague list in my head of “jobs I would like to do” has always been a spot labelled florist. Because flower shops smell good, they’re always cool and flowers are one of my fave things. Of course, in my head, being a florist doesn’t involve getting up at ridiculous times to go to flower markets, dealing with bridezillas or standing up for long hours every day. Dream-job floristry is more ‘make pretty things with flowers’ and they magically disappear to be replaced by money.

But I’ve always been interested in how building a bouquet might work but have never really had a chance to explore it. So when a class called “Structure Posies” popped up on Laneway Learning, I thought it would be fun to have a go. So tonight I toddled off to Impala and Peacock, which is a gorgeous tea shop in Brunswick (I want to go back and have time to try some teas and some more delicious cake because their pistachio and raspberry cupcake was awesome).



The class was taught by Emily of Miss Emily Floral Designs who was lovely and taught us all how to turn this


into this


It was fun and I learned that florists have very strong hands and possibly more fingers than the rest of us. Which will come in handy if I ever write a florist, I guess :D. I think being a florist is likely to remain a ‘nice in my head’ job for me but hopefully I can make my flowers at home a bit more pretty than previously. Which equals a couple of hours well spent in my book.


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