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I’ve just started watching The Affair (which has been on my radar for awhile because I am a Joshua Jackson fan all the way back to the Pacey Witter days. It has a very striking theme song and opening title (song by Fiona Apple).

I do love a good theme song, something that cues you into the show and sets the mood and I own a lot of soundtrack music. Many prime time type shows seemed to be ditching themes and opening titles for awhile (presumably to sell more ads), so it’s nice to see them coming back via cable shows and Netflix.

My all time fave theme song is probably the opening titles of Game of Thrones (composed by Ramin Dajwadi).

The combination of the cello driven music and the emerging locations is still great five seasons in.

Other faves. Battlestar Galactica (The reboot)

The composer is Bear McCreary. Who also does the music for OUtlander which I really like. The Outlander opening title is very evocative and definitely my fave theme of recent years.

So, who’s got a fave theme song?

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  1. all great theme songs, have you heard the one to the black sails series? im loving it, very fitting for the series. p.s can’t wait to read next in line from the four arts, I didn’t want to stop reading. 😀

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