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Confession time. Sometimes I’m a bad cook. Or maybe a lazy cook. I like cooking generally but sometimes I lose the mojo.The last month or so I’ve had lots of day job day swapping, a few weekends not at home, another few weeks and weekends with extra events and a bout of cortisone-jab-to-the-cranky-knee insomnia. Which has all equated to my routine being out the window, a lot of ‘what is in the freezer’, ‘where’s that take away menu’ and ‘cereal for dinner is just fine’ type situations in the kitchen.

Basically right now I’d rather eat this than cook.


I’m in a slump. Putting some smoked chicken in my salad instead of tuna is as about as exciting as it’s gotten around here cooking-wise. And cooking slumps are not good for my budget, my health or my productivity. So I’m looking for ways to un-slump myself. April is not looking to be any calmer than March and I have a book deadline rapidly approaching (yikes). So I think I need to sit down and do some good old fashioned menu planning and meal prepping. So if anyone has any tips or fave approaches to doing this (especially for the smaller household) let me know! Otherwise, I’ll be over on Pinterest browsing and seeing if inspiration strikes. Or else seeing if I can bribe Shutterbean to move to Melbourne and then come to my house and meal prep every week 😀

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