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I’ve been doing an online course with Jane Blundell for the last few months. Jane is a brilliant watercolour artist as well as a font of all knowledge when it comes to watercolour paints and colour mixing.  Because the course is online, I do my homework and photograph it and send it to her, which means I’ve been taking lots of pretty pics of watercolour mixes and pigments and paintings, so here are a few bits of pretty to stare at. I love looking at watercolour on the page, the way the pigment moves and mixes is fascinating.

Colour mixes.

_colour_mixing_practice.__watercolor__watercolour__art__play (1)

Dried palette pools are always pretty.

Watercolour_tide_pools_on_my_palette__paint_splashing (1)


Tones and mountains.

Another_smidge_of__watercolour_homework._Paint_is_purty.__coloraddict (1)

Earth triads colour wheels look like planets. Also, I sometime cannot paint inside the lines of a circle :D.

Let_s_ignore_the_fact_I_cannot_paint_a_circle_today_and_admire_the_fact_that_earth_triad_colour_wheels_look_like_little_planet_collections__coloraddict__watercolor__geek (1)

It’s not easy being green but it’s purty…

Mixing_the_green.__watercolour__coloraddict (1)

  Washes that look like the Outback.

Wash_practice__watercolor__paintsplashing__coloraddict (1)

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