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To say, yes, I’m still alive. I know there has been blog silence for a month or so but I didn’t think anyone wanted to read a month of “I’m sad my cat died” posts. I am still sad my cat died but in a less immediately too much crying at the drop of a hat at all hours of the day way and more a ‘pets leave holes behind’ kind of way. I am however staring down the barrel of a too rapidly approaching deadline so not sure I’ll be back up to three posts a week until the book is done but will aim for something…


While we weren’t paying attention it has turned into autumn (though so far in Melbourne a weirdly warm autumn). Still, the leaves are pretty. As exhibit 1, above, demonstrates.

To distract you while I’m not here so much, may I recommend Vivian Swift’s blog (writer/watercolourist/cat lady). I have recently discovered Vivian’s beautiful and charming books.

Or may I suggest you go watch The Night Manager (Tom Hiddleston being brilliantly britishly handsome and Hugh Laurie being brilliantly evil).

Or you could make some of these cookies. Because they’re yummy.

I’ll be over here writing. And pouting that I can’t go see Civil War until I hit a certain word count (I am mean to me). The Torti, for those following along is coping okay with solo kitty hood though I think she’s a bit lonely during the day. But she’s happy enough which means I will probably wait until I’ve finished my big trips for the year before thinking about new kitties….probably.


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