Release day for The Forbidden Heir!

Yippee! The Forbidden Heir is out today! I hope you all enjoy this next instalment of Sophie and Cameron’s adventures.


Grab a copy at:






The paperback is also available at Amazon and I’ll post again they start appearing elsewhere. If you’re a blogger who is interested in reviewing, drop me a line via my website (and you can also sign up to my blogger list here to find out about new releases and ARCs in the future).

Happy reading!


  1. I posted this on Facebook about twelve hours ago:

    Book happiness….

    Got ebooks of The Tethered Mage by Melissa Caruso, and when it’s available The Forbidden Heir by M J Scott (should be in a few hours hopefully, the release date is Nov 7) from Kobo, both currently discounted.
    The M J Scott novel is a sequel to The Shattered Court, which is also a fantasy novel. In the Shattered Court, the male lead (it’s fantasy romance with very strong romantic elements in it–there’s a degree of romantic content in The Tethered Mage, but it’s not really a romance–a romance might go forward in the next book(s), or not–it seems likely, but…) has Scottish Highland overtones, but it’s not really a Celtic world. despite some e.g. name similarities. The magical system of the world involve elements/arts, however, the home country of the lead characters has a state religion which restricts the magic of the women of the extended royal family to three of the four arts.”

    I tagged a few old friends on the post [which also includes a capsule description/review of The Tethered Mage]. One of them gave a Like to it, and two other people whom I did not take, also gave a like to the post.

    The principal opposition country of the protoganists’ country does not restrict women from the learning and practice of the fourth art, however being across an ocean deters direct warfare. The first book starts with the female lead, who is predomimant viewpoint character, about to have the birthday on which she will or will not manifest magic, strong or weak. A member of the royal family, though not main line of it, if she manifests as a strong witch, she’ll be married off for the benefit of the kingdom. If she manifests weakly, or not at all, her life will be more her own…

    But Interference with the smooth intended planning for the big celebration of her attaining the birthday occurs, and her future goes forward in unexpected ways. The first book is a romance, but there are Issues as regards future direction culminating in not a cliffhanger, but “To Be Continued” at the end of the first book.

    The Forbidden Heir “what happens next?” and since what I’ve read of it so far is the teaser material published for luring/teasing readers….

    Meanwhile, it’s downloaded, and I now have the siren call of a new book, so….

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