Fave writing tools


Since I’ve just finished editing Playing Fast and am working on a couple of other books, writing process has been on my mind. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my fave writing tools, so I thought I’d update on that. Leaving out my MacBook Air which is my…

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May writing update


Not that much to report. I am working away on Playing Fast (though the sudden winter before it’s really winter weather in Melbourne makes me more inclined toward hibernation than writing). Lawless in Leather came out a week ago and The Shattered Court the week before that. Two more books…

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Tension…good in books, bad in life? Or maybe not bad, when it’s not too much tension. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of me busting my ankle…which was pretty much the start of a year that yielded quite a bit of tension in both good and bad ways. I’m hoping…

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