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My weekend has zoomed by again. Friday I went to the Stitches and Craft show and bought a couple of Nicole Mallalieu patterns to try then came home and wrote.

Saturday was the ballet with Mum and Gwen and Betsy (I am the token young whippersnapper). It was a triple bill and all were good (though I still find Les Sylphide far too dreamy and soothing, or maybe I was just sleepy : ) ). Saturday night was Supernatural and I made some red velvet cake for the first time (YUM!).

Today I’ve been doing laundry and sewing and writing. Bad sewing mojo today, lots of unpicking due to making silly errors which probably means I’m more tired than I think.

Still I managed to make the first of my girly versions of the library bag (and do most of the prep work for the second, it just needs the final putting together which should only take me thirty minutes or so when I’m not quite this tired).

Next on the list…one of these Amy Butler Frenchy Bags, in some cute Tula Pink Flutterby fabrics I bought at AQC. And finishing the quilt back for my blue and cream quilt (yes, I’m aware I finished the top 2 years ago…you can’t rush these things!). Which given I only have to cut three pieces and sew two seams should be do-able. It would be good to have that done before Easter so I can take it home to get the laying out and basting down (drawback to little house is nowhere big enough to lay out big quilts!)

And now it’s time for dinner and a bit more writing and then more Supernatural. I’m almost done with Season 3 and then will be cursing the Aussie TV programmers like everyone else and saying WHERE IS THE NEW SERIES?

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