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To misquote Josh Lyman horribly “I think we’ve got the big mo, baby”.
Passed the three hundred mark tonight. And I basically know what happens for the rest of the book. About four big scenes and some mopping up. So if I do the big push over the weekend, I might just be able to finish it (fingers crossed, knock wood, throw salt etc etc etc). It will need a lot of work in the revision but hallelujah, it looks like I might just finish a book this year after all. Given it’s been a long hard winter of discontent writing wise for much of this year, all I can say is WOOT and all praise to the great god Letitsuk!!!! (and again cross fingers, knock wood, turn widdershins three times etc etc etc so as not to jinx oneself.)

Progress – Lily

New pages Thirteen
Intriguing things – Angry sex
Annoyances – Minimal
Linear/non-linear – Non
Music – Kings of Leon
Location – Write or Die and Think.
Taking care of Mel – Chiro. And soon blissful back stretches
Muse food – Not much so far. Need some TV or a good book

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