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On Sunday (the third) Keri and I got up very early to take the train to Washington for the day.  The train takes a little over three hours but was very comfy (thumbs up Amtrak). Once in Washington we just did the hop-on hop-off bus thing and raced around seeing stuff and taking many pics (many, many pics….there will be a few Washington blogs).

Washington is a very pretty, open feeling city (at least the central bit where we were) and definitely felt relaxed after a few weeks in Time Square.  It was also hot, damned hot.  I think when I go back, it will have to be Spring.  We didn’t get to do everything we wanted to do as there is a limit to how much you can do in eight hours or so plus a traffic accident held up the bus for almost an hour at one point when we were at a part of the loop where you couldn’t easily walk to anywhere else.  The air con also broke down. That was fun. Not.

Still, we did go to the two of the three parts of the Smithsonian I’ve always wanted to go to (the third, the National Zoo, we didn’t have time for).  Next trip I’ll do some more (the Smithsonian is about 11 or 12 Museums all up).

So, as a starter, here’s some pics from the first of the museums, The Air and Space Museum (indulging my sci fi geek side lol).

Steampunk airship

Da planes! Da planes!


Spirit of St. Louis

Kitty Hawk

Moon boots

Apollo module

Lunar module


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