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It’s hot and my brain is melted. Too melted for long and coherent blog thoughts so here’s a few random things that have been entertaining me lately.

1. Galaxy Quest. Because Alan Rickman (Seriously, universe, what is with all these famous people deaths? Bowie then Rickman and now Glenn Frey. In less than two weeks. Please stop). Regardless of the sadness of watching Alan now, Galaxy Quest is a very funny film for watchers of SF TV. And Rickman is one of the best things in it.

2. Embroidery. Because, well, who knows why the brain kicks up these random urges. I had a random urge to do some the other day so dug around in my embroidery wip bag (I’ve done cross stitch since I was in high school so I have stuff) and found a half finished wip from Subversive Cross Stitch. It seemed the appropriate response to the aforementioned universe being crappy. So I finished it.

Subversive Cross Stitch in progress

Then, being me, I was looking on Pinterest and started looking at other sorts of embroidery. And now I’m trying some of those. At least I have supplies already. Though I may have bought a book…and a new hoop. Oops.

3. Nigella. I have already posted about her latest cookbook in my books for cooks post but I heard her speak at the Melbourne Town Hall last night. Smart woman. I’m hoping the new series makes it to free to air TV soon. Love her recipes. Must make some more things from Simply Nigella soon. When it cools down.

Nigella at the town hall

Speaking of recipes. Coconut bread. Trust me. Is good. (I used dessicated coconut.)

Coconut bread from the Smitten Kitchen's recipe

4. The X-Files. I am rewatching ahead of the new series coming out (there is no way for me to watch it all again by then but a refresher is good). Still a great show with the added fun of unintentionally amusing fashion and technology. Yay for Mulder and Scully!

5. Reading lists of what people find on the internet is interesting. I like Shutterbean’s. And Two Nerdy History Girls’. And the Well Appointed Desk’s. (Disclaimer: No responsibility for enabling or rabbit holes accepted :D).

6. Melbourne is doing good work on the sunsets this month. One good thing about summer.

Melbourne sunsets by Melanie Scott


7. I have a book out in two weeks. My 11th. So yay!

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