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A new cover!

The Forbidden Heir has a cover! A gorgeous cover designed by the very talented Katie Anderson. I'm still writing the book but it's progressing well now, so the current plan is for it to be released mid-year. If you want to know exactly when then perhaps sign up to my...

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On book resistance and discoveries

I have a history of avoiding books I should buy. Or dithering about buying them. Of picking them up and putting them down in book stores or seeing someone talk about them online and thinking "that sounds like me" and then not following them up. I have met some of my...

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Happy 2017!

Seeing as the blogging fell away a bit in the second half of last year due to Life Stuff TM, I thought I'd kick off the year with a modified version of one of my semi-regular State of the Mel posts. 2016 was, as it seemed to be for most people, a bit of a slog of a...

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A year in books #11

Well, 2016. That was a...year. But one in which I managed to read quite a few good books for the first time. (I think I read or re-read over 150 books again this year). I even took pics of a few. This year I think I read more contemporary romance, less historical...

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Some 2016 faves

2016 has been a bit of an up and down year. Lost a kitty. Gained a kitten. Finalled in the RITA, had an ankle reconstruction. Lost a few idols, wrote a few books, read a few books. Now I traditionally wrap up the year with a fave books of 2016 post on New Year's Eve...

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Hello again

I know things have been low on the blogging front recently. Sometimes life gets crazy. 3 weeks ago, in particular, I had an ankle reconstruction to fix a ligament that was borked when I broke my ankle five years ago. Let us not discuss why this was not diagnosed five...

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Calling baseball romance fans

The season may be over but to tide you over I’ve teamed up with more than 25 fantastic baseball romance authors to give away a huge collection of novels, PLUS a Kindle Fire to one lucky winner! You can win a copy of PLAYING HARD, plus books from authors like Kasey...

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Shadow Kin is on sale for US readers!

Hi everyone, the lovely peeps at Roc have put Shadow Kin, the first book in my Half-Light City series on sale. The e-book is just $1.99 for a limited time for US readers. Grab your copy at: iBooks Amazon Kobo Nook Google Play If you'd like to know more about Shadow...

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New covers, a sale price and a bookiversary!

Today is five years since Shadow Kin was published! So happy bookiversary to me. My thirteenth published novel came out last week, so it's been a busy five years. Here's to many more. In fortunate timing, I have new covers for my urban fantasy trilogy, The Wild Side....

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