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Fave writing tools

Since I've just finished editing Playing Fast and am working on a couple of other books, writing process has been on my mind. It's been a while since I've talked about my fave writing tools, so I thought I'd update on that. Leaving out my MacBook Air which is my...

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The great lemon cake search

My folks have a lemon tree that produces never ending founts of lemons. Which is great. Lemons are good. And one of my fave things to do with lemons is make lemon-y cake. Which means I'm always on the hunt for a great lemon cake. It's harder than it sounds. I think I...

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Flower Power

Somewhere in the vague list in my head of "jobs I would like to do" has always been a spot labelled florist. Because flower shops smell good, they're always cool and flowers are one of my fave things. Of course, in my head, being a florist doesn't involve getting up...

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Sunday snippet

For something different, how about a bit of my urban fantasy series, The Wild Side? This is from book 2, The Dark...

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Magpie brain

I have a theory that all writers have a certain degree of curiosity. What I call the magpie mind. After all, a story is usually sparked by some sort of 'What if' question and then chasing that thread down a deep rabbit hole before somehow managing to weave it into an...

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Music fix – Hosier

Here, have a song from one of the current wip's soundtracks...Someone New by Hosier. Which is both a cool song and a cool video because it features Natalie Dormer being cool and gorgeous as...

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Story fix – The X-Files

Like many people, I may have squeed a little (a lot) when I found out last year that there was going to be a new series of the X-Files. Because I loved me some Mulder and Scully back in the day. True, the last couple of seasons got a bit odd but I still loved it....

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