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The Brooklyn Bridge spans the East River connecting, funnily enough, Brooklyn and Manhattan. It was the first bridge built across the river and was the longest suspension bridge when it was first built as it was the first suspension bridge to use steel cables. The coolest thing about the bridge though, is that it has a pedestrian walkway above the road so you can walk either from Manhattan to Brooklyn or vice versa and get some great views of the city. Keri and I walked it on the 4th of July.

Given it was a pretty hot day, we took the subway to the Brooklyn side, ate awesome pizza then walked back to Manhattan.  It’s a bit under 2km long, so doesn’t take ages to walk.  The bridge is under restoration so some of the views are blocked by fences etc at the moment but I still got some cool shots.

Under the bridge (by the pizza place)

Beginning of the bridge

Cars below the pedestrian walkway



Sunny Manhattan




Horace (who founded the New York Tribune and is a nice looking old guy statue in City Hall Park which is where you come off the bridge at the Manhattan end)

This might be the last blog until next week sometime…I’m starting the long trek back home today so unless I luck onto internet access along the way, there will be radio silence for a bit! But there are still a few New York and Washington blogs to come once I return. It’s a been a great trip…thanks New York!

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