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Bad cook

Confession time. Sometimes I'm a bad cook. Or maybe a lazy cook. I like cooking generally but sometimes I lose the mojo.The last month or so I've had lots of day job day swapping, a few weekends not at home, another few weeks and weekends with extra events and a bout...

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Long weekend plans aka Happy Easter

Easters that fall early in the year always throw me out. It feels like it was just Christmas and suddenly, bam, Easter which means the year is well underway. Gah! Anyway, I hope you have a relaxing long weekend with people you love if you get a long weekend for...

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Music fix – theme songs

I've just started watching The Affair (which has been on my radar for awhile because I am a Joshua Jackson fan all the way back to the Pacey Witter days. It has a very striking theme song and opening title (song by Fiona Apple). I do love a good theme song, something...

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Wandering the web

Cool things from the interwebs that have been informing/entertaining/intriguing me lately. How long does it really take to get pretty good at something? (aka if there's something you want to try, just give it a go because you don't have to be an elite master) I'd like...

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